Should I Apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt consolidation is used to reduce the total amount of debt and pay off it as soon as possible. It makes by combining all your debts: from credit cards, bills, some payments, high-interest rates, etc. Such a solution and decrease your interest rate and make your monthly payments lower. So, it will help you to cover your debt much faster.

When Should I Apply for Debt Consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a good way out if you have financial difficulties. But can everybody apply for if when the desire appears? Experts say that such a method of decreasing debt works only if you have a strategy to prevent debt increasing in the future. In another way, it doesn't have any sense.

For successful consolidation you need to:

  • have a debt which is higher than 40% of your gross income;
  • have a good credit score: the better score the lower interest rate you can expect;
  • be able to cover your payments;
  • create a strategy to stop debt increasing.

Debt Consolidation Advantages

Why you should use debt consolidation instead of paying every debt separately. Main benefits:

  • Saving on interest rate: with the help of consolidation loan lock in a low-interest rate and receive low credit card APR;
  • Getting rid of the loan faster: due to low interest you will pay off principal rapidly;
  • Combining all the bills: make your personal financial management simpler and reduce the number of monthly payments;
  • Setting a time limit: your paying strategy will lead you to debt elimination after a certain period.

Disadvantages of Debt Consolidation

When you decided to use debt consolidation it is very important to analyze not only advantages but also take disadvantages into account before taking a new loan.

Companies tell about benefits but nobody warns you of making financial situation worse. Everything depends on your new loan terms. If your credit score is close to 0 it is possible you can end up being forced to pay more interest over the loan existing. This situation not only can't get you out of debt but even make you be pretty deep in debt.

To avoid getting into a debt trap you should ask a professional in the financial sphere for advice. He will tell you about is it worth to use debt consolidation in your situation. If you don't have the possibility to communicate directly with an expert, use to become financially educated and don't make loan mistakes.


The majority consider consolidation as a helping hand that can pull them out of debt mire. When you take a one-year loan - you should pay it off in one year. But only in the case, you will make all the payments in time and control your budget.

Try to manage your finances in such a way to pay off your debt faster. Otherwise, your loan can exist years and the interest rate will grow and grow.

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